BITZER Training in Harare, Zimbabwe

BITZER hosted training at the Chapman Golf Club in Harare on Wednesday 18 July 2018. Our team was introduced by our Zimbabwean agent, Archer Engineering. The training was centred around BITZER reciprocating compressors, IQ products and Ammonia Compressor Packs. Thirty-four participants sat in on the training offered by our very own Torsten Steinborn and Andreas Schulaks, Head of Industrial... Continue Reading →


Technical Talk: BITZER IQ

This February, Torsten Steinborn gave a technical talk at the Italian Club in Cape Town for SAIRAC –The South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The talk surrounded the technical aspects of BITZER’s IQ Products: The IQ MODULE, CRII and the VARIPACK. To start off with, he highlighted the three pillars on which BITZER’s... Continue Reading →

The OTTC and BITZER: Then and now

The Open Trade Training Centre (OTTC) recently had their 25th anniversary. They celebrated 25 years of internationally certified training courses for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, Ammonia Refrigeration, Heat-pump Systems, Electrical Engineering, Controls for R & AC and Transport Refrigeration. They also celebrated 25 years of award winning excellent and quality courses that provide and... Continue Reading →

VARIPACK in Superspar

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn a regular compressor into an INTELLIGENT COMPRESSOR. An example of this is an installation of the ECOLINE VARIPACK. The VARIPACK and the software that accompanies it results in a reduction of energy costs and allows a system to run more energy efficiently. Recently, our BITZER compressor in... Continue Reading →

10 things technicians should know about next generation refrigerants

Refrigerants are exponentially improving as the demands for eco friendliness and energy efficiency increase. New, alternative refrigeration gasses have become mainstream – dominating the HVAC&R market. HFCs are becoming a thing of the past and with expanding research and growth of HFOs (Hydrofluro-Olefins), HCs (Hydrocarbons) and CO2. Training of HVAC&R technicians is essential. Here are... Continue Reading →

Next generation of compressors for CO2 applications

 World premiere: compressor specialist BITZER will be showcasing its new ECOLINE+ reciprocating compressors for the next generation of CO2 systems for the first time at Chillventa·         CRII mechanical capacity control for CO2·         Line-start permanent-magnet motor (LSPM)·         Integrated intelligence with new operating concept in the CM-RC-01 IQ module·         Outstanding eco-efficiency and simple system integrationNuremberg/Sindelfingen, 11 October... Continue Reading →


 C02 (R744) – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWHAT IS R744R744 is the chemical reference for carbon dioxide (CO2) used as refrigerant. It is a naturally occurring substance that can be applied as a working fluid in different heating and cooling applications, due to its excellent heat transfer properties and its high volumetric cooling capacity.ARE R744 & C02... Continue Reading →

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