EPARTS: Find the correct spare parts hassle free

EPARTS is BITZER’s spare parts software and just like our other software, EPARTS is user friendly and straightforward. It will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to finding the appropriate spare part for your BITZER compressor, pressure vessel or condensing unit. This software can be found and utilised on the... Continue Reading →


“Experienced counterfeiters copy BITZER compressors with a level of perfection that makes it nearly impossible to tell them apart from the original,” says BITZER. We warn against purchasing products that seem remarkably inexpensive. We have also place anti-counterfeit labels and QR codes on compressors to enable users to easily determine authenticity.

BITZER Compressor Selection Software very popular with HVAC&R Consulting Firms!

BITZER Compressor Selection Software very popular with HVAC&R Consulting Firms! BITZER'S REVOLUTIONARY SOFTWARE NOW MAKES IT SIMPLER TO HELP SELECT THE CORRECT COMPRESSORS WHEN DESIGNING AN EFFICIENT REFRIGERATION PLANT Designing a refrigeration system is a complex task with many variables. Selecting the correct product with the required specifications is no easy task - and if... Continue Reading →

Intelligent Cooling with the New BITZER ECOSTAR

The compressor specialist BITZER has brought out the LHV5E series to complement its range of air cooled condensing units. The new device already fulfills the requirements of the 2016 Ecodesign Directive, which comes into effect in July. This intelligent condensing unit with speed controlled reciprocating compressor is extremely energy efficient and offers lots of new... Continue Reading →


We are pleased to inform you that the handouts CM-RC-01 have been updated (see below) and are now ready for order. ·         English version: KF-300-2 EN // SAP-No. 80122702   The PDF files below will be ready for download from our Main BITZER website within the next days.      

New BEST Software Tool!

BITZER is proud to announce that our latest version of the BEST Software has been released (BITZER Electronics Service Tool).  The latest version 2.4 is available for download from the BITZER homepage:   https://www.bitzer.de/de/service/software/software/versionen-best.jsp#   Relevant innovations in version 2.4 ·       Auto update feature ·       CM-RC-01 Protection, monitoring and control device integrated ·       New for CSV o  ... Continue Reading →


    About BITZER   The BITZER Group of companies, is the world’s largest and leading independent manufacturer of compressors for both refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, with 14 production locations all over the globe. BITZER’s worldwide operations, has sales companies and its own production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels . In 2014, about 3,400 employees generated sales... Continue Reading →

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