2018 Award Hat Trick for the ECOLINE +

The BITZER ECOLINE + took home three awards earlier this year, and for good reason. It has transcended the expectations of a transcritical CO2 compressor by being both environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient. The ECOLINE + placed first in the British ACR News industry magazine awards for its innovation, won the Innovation Product Award... Continue Reading →


Efficiency and Capacity Improvement with BITZER’s New OBRIT FIT and ORBIT+

BITZER places special importance on low energy consumption under full-load and predominantly under part-load operations - and the ORBIT series is no exception. It is distinguished by its high efficiency, smooth running and reliability - making it energy efficient and cost effective. Other advantages of using ORBIT compressors is their ease of installation, low noise... Continue Reading →

Customise your BITZER Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessel

HEXPV is now flexible. BITZER is offering its customers a great new opportunity to purchase unique Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels based on a variety of customisation options. This means that the customer has the freedom to design the product to perfectly match installation needs, without interfering with the basic features concerning capacity, performance and... Continue Reading →

Technical Talk: BITZER IQ

This February, Torsten Steinborn gave a technical talk at the Italian Club in Cape Town for SAIRAC –The South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The talk surrounded the technical aspects of BITZER’s IQ Products: The IQ MODULE, CRII and the VARIPACK. To start off with, he highlighted the three pillars on which BITZER’s... Continue Reading →

Why the ECOLINE and ECOLINE+ are so popular in South Africa

When it comes to semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, BITZER’s innovation and superior technology differentiates their products from other semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors on the market. The most popular of BITZER’s semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors in South Africa is the ECOLINE range. BITZER’s latest range is the ECOLINE+ which is available solely for CO2 applications. These compressors are different... Continue Reading →

Why local retailers are going green

Many South African retailers utilise BITZER technology for their air conditioning and refrigeration needs and one reason their choice is BITZER’s energy efficiency. Electricity prices in South Africa are constantly on the rise from year to year and air conditioning and refrigeration costs can easily make up 50% of your monthly electricity bill. Just last... Continue Reading →

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