Why the ECOLINE and ECOLINE+ are so popular in South Africa

When it comes to semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, BITZER’s innovation and superior technology differentiates their products from other semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors on the market. The most popular of BITZER’s semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors in South Africa is the ECOLINE range. BITZER’s latest range is the ECOLINE+ which is available solely for CO2 applications. These compressors are different... Continue Reading →


How BITZER is fighting counterfeiters

Counterfeit compressors have become a big problem for the HVAC&R industry. It poses a safety risk for users and technicians; poor performance; and substandard life cycle and reliability. Therefore, in 2015, BITZER waged war against pirated equipment by putting in place various guidelines for users to follow and additional countermeasures to address this issue. One... Continue Reading →

VARIPACK in Superspar

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn a regular compressor into an INTELLIGENT COMPRESSOR. An example of this is an installation of the ECOLINE VARIPACK. The VARIPACK and the software that accompanies it results in a reduction of energy costs and allows a system to run more energy efficiently. Recently, our BITZER compressor in... Continue Reading →

Nigeria Sales Agents

If you are interested in purchasing a BITZER compressor or just want to find out what BITZER products can offer you, here is a list of our sales agents in Nigeria:   Elyterol Limited Who: Evans King Where: 2B , Gospel Crusader Street, Haruna , College Road Ogba, Lagos How to email: evans.king@elyterol.com How to phone: 2347011770000 / 2348099999936  ... Continue Reading →

10 things technicians should know about next generation refrigerants

Refrigerants are exponentially improving as the demands for eco friendliness and energy efficiency increase. New, alternative refrigeration gasses have become mainstream – dominating the HVAC&R market. HFCs are becoming a thing of the past and with expanding research and growth of HFOs (Hydrofluro-Olefins), HCs (Hydrocarbons) and CO2. Training of HVAC&R technicians is essential. Here are... Continue Reading →

Fake oils discovered in Asia

Product pirates not only sell counterfeit compressors, they also bring low-quality oils onto the market. In Asia, for example, counterfeiters partly disguised their imitations with the BITZER name and logo, presenting major risks. BITZER recently discovered several fake oils in Vietnam: a local company has illegally been declaring and selling containers with low-quality oil as... Continue Reading →

“Experienced counterfeiters copy BITZER compressors with a level of perfection that makes it nearly impossible to tell them apart from the original,” says BITZER. We warn against purchasing products that seem remarkably inexpensive. We have also place anti-counterfeit labels and QR codes on compressors to enable users to easily determine authenticity.

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