ORBIT: The perfect compressor for air conditioning in Africa

The HVAC&R industry is booming in Africa and no one can deny that growing African economies have seen an increased demand for cooling technology. The preferred refrigerant for air conditioning applications in Africa is R410A and the BITZER ORBIT is the perfect compressor series for just such applications.

R410A was invented 1991, following an outcry by the global community for environmentally friendly refrigerant gasses. It is an HFC blend of R32 and R125 and was set to replace the ozone depleting R22. It has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP); it’s non-flammable; non-corrosive; it has low toxicity; it’s cost effective and energy efficient. It is therefore a positive sign for planet Earth when the European refrigerant of choice became more prevalent on the African HVAC&R market – and it’s not going anywhere soon.

BITZER’s scroll compressors in the ORBIT series for R410A were specially developed for air conditioning applications. The ORBIT is widely used in Africa because R410A is the most popular air conditioning refrigerant on the continent.

BITZER places special importance on low energy consumption under full-load and predominantly under part-load operations – and the ORBIT series is no exception. It is distinguished by its high efficiency, smooth running and reliability – making it energy efficient and cost effective. Other advantages of using an ORBIT compressor is its ease of installation; its low noise level; and its ability to be used in fixed plus variable speed tandems, for even greater capacity modulation and part-load efficiency.

The benefits of having a compound system includes capacity control and Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV), but an ORBIT compound series has additional benefits with the use of innovative BITZER technology. The ORBIT’s Tandems and Trios (as illustrated) are reliable and sustainable systems because they result in low oil carry-over rates – this is because of the revolutionary isolated oil sump design as part of the BITZER Advanced Header Technology (BAHT) solution. The patented BAHT is vital for energy efficiency and low operating costs, because when oil does get carried over, the system works less optimally. This unique BITZER technology makes it possible to run several BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors different sizes in a compound – reliably

BITZER is continuously looking to the future when it comes to their ability to provide refrigeration solutions that are reliable over the long term. BITZER products are internationally renowned for their energy efficiency, specifically at full and part load; their ability to operate economically with low GWP refrigerants; and their user friendliness.


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