ElectraTherm technology coming to Nigeria

ElectraTherm, acquired by BITZER at the end of January 2017, is a leader in distributed waste heat to power generation. This new technology benefits generator users because it offers high energy efficiency and low operating costs, especially in Africa. ElectraTherm’s Power+ generators capture waste heat typically emitted by smokestacks, exhausts, radiators and cooling towers, then converts it into clean energy.

Using the Power+ on your engine presents a number of benefits, one being a fuel efficiency increase by up to 10% – according to BITZER. ElectraTherm technology is in demand in Nigeria because of the great amount of waste heat being lost due to the use of diesel generators which run 2/3 of the time in Nigerian factories.

ElectraTherm Power+ generators offer a good payback period of no more than 3 years. This technology has potential where diesel generator sets run for long periods of time and where there is a scarcity of grid power. By using a Power+ generator instead of a diesel generator to create electricity, you can save up to three hundred thousand dollars on annual fuel costs, according to BITZER estimates.



ElectraTherm has 3 different models of Power+ Generators which offer some the following features: fuel and emission free energy production; easy installation; low and easy maintenance; and remote monitoring. They are also available in standalone and turnkey configurations.


Turnkey configuration

According to the president of BITZER North America: “Developing energy-efficient solutions is one of our main goals – and the waste heat to power market offers tremendous potential. ElectraTherm’s ORC technology enables us to make better use of the abundant, and untapped resource of waste heat. This builds on BITZER’s commitment of responsible climate protection. There are clear synergies in our markets and technologies, and we are eager to combine our efforts to further grow our respective markets.”


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