BITZER’s intelligent compressors

In the refrigeration and air conditioning market, the demand for eco-friendly, reliable and efficient solutions is increasing faster than ever. End users request sustainable solutions to keep their operating costs at a minimum. To meet all the market demands and keep the selection, installation and operation of systems simple, compressor specialist BITZER made its compressors and condensing units intelligent.

BITZER IQ MODULEs are what turns a BITZER product into an INTELLIGENT COMPRESSOR. IQ MODULEs like the CM-RC-01 (for reciprocating compressors) and the CM-SW-01 (for screw compressors) power up the efficiency and reliability of any system. They have been developed to simplify the users’ work and improve its results and distinguish themselves by three main characteristics: availability, efficiency and safety. Furthermore, they simplify the installation of compressors in systems and make service works on-site as well as off-site much easier.

INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS are easy to use because of

  • Simplified project engineering and system design
  • Quick integration into the system
  • Intuitive software, simple commissioning and start using our BEST SOFTWARE (this is freeware software)
  • Functions of every INTELLIGENT COMPRESSOR can be configured and monitored using our BEST SOFTWARE or MODBUS as communication platforms

INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS are precise because they have

  • Exact temperature control and management
  • Quick adjustment to system requirements using high-quality capacity control
  • High-precision manufacturing using optimised series production
  • Components adapted to individual requirements
  • Precise system optimization recognition using data log function

INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS are reliable because they give you

  • Complete control using BEST SOFTWARE and/or MODBUS
  • Increased operating reliability and prolonged service life using extended protection functions as well as a multi-stage alarm system, including control of application limits
  • High control accuracy that ensures a constant temperature

INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS are energy efficient because they have

  • High seasonal energy efficiency at full-load and part-load with a wide control bandwidth
  • Self-adjusting capacity control
  • Different technologies for controlling the capacity of various system requirements
  • Certifications for various applications and markets

INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS are flexible and economical because they have

  • Low operating costs using high part-load efficiency, reduced starting current, variably adjustable cooling capacity
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs as well as simplified system design
  • Low maintenance costs through application limit monitoring, wear and tear decimating, coordinated components and the resulting reduced mechanical load on components

One of the most popular components of INTELLIGENT COMPRESSORS is the VARIPACK: this external frequency inverter series is designed for safe and easy speed control and has been specially modified for the operation of all BITZER reciprocating compressors.  Another is the VARISPEED: this product series is the most simple frequency inverter solution for small and medium-sized reciprocating compressors, and represents a compact, reliable, and convenient option. For the VARISPEED product series, frequency inverters are already integrated in the compressors powering new products such as the ECOSTAR LHV5E/LHV7E condensing units.

BITZER IQ products are specifically designed for refrigeration and AC applications.

BITZER is continuously looking to the future when it comes to the ability to provide refrigeration solutions that are reliable over the long term. BITZER is internationally renowned for its energy efficiency, specifically at full and part load; its ability to operate economically with low GWP refrigerants; and its user friendliness.


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