VARIPACK in Superspar

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn a regular compressor into an INTELLIGENT COMPRESSOR. An example of this is an installation of the ECOLINE VARIPACK. The VARIPACK and the software that accompanies it results in a reduction of energy costs and allows a system to run more energy efficiently.

Recently, our BITZER compressor in Superspar Parklands received an upgrade by adding a VARIPACK drive to its system.

According to the installer, Grant from Refrigeration Solutions:

“We were running a BITZER compressor direct on line and wanted to run the compressor more efficiently – electrically (power saving) and at a more stable suction. Hence why we add a VARIPACK.”

What is great about BITZER compressors is that they are very robust and efficient. The VARIPACK uses the BEST software. This software is user friendly, easy to work with and very informative.

Grant adds that:

“By just adding the compressors model number into the drive, the software already knows the best suitable application (setup) for that compressor and programs the drive accordingly. It can be fine-tuned afterwards, if need be. Saving you a lot of time on setup.”

BITZER is continuously looking to the future when it comes to their ability to provide refrigeration solutions that are reliable over the long term. BITZER products are internationally renowned for their energy efficiency, specifically at full and part load; their ability to operate economically with low GWP refrigerants; and their user friendliness.



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