BITZER goes above and beyond when it concerns the environment, by ensuring energy efficient full and part load operations. The most current example of this is the heavy hitter and star of the 2017 Euro Shop – the ECOSTAR condensing unit. This fantastic product saves up to 25% of conventionally consumed energy, and already meets and exceeds the EU eco-design directive specifications for 2018.

Among the ECOSTAR’s high efficiency attributes is its speed-controlled EC fans with a full bell mouth for low power consumption, a system optimised mini-channel condenser for high heat transfer rates and small refrigerant charge, and its speed-controlled ECOLINE VARISPEED compressor (compact, reliable and a simple frequency inverter solution). The ECOSTAR is a champion for energy efficiency. It is a product of BITZER’s eco-friendly attitude which has brought forth a variety of energy saving technology, such as the ECOLINE+.

The ECOLINE+, for transcritical CO2 applications, is another eco-efficient BITZER innovation. Its low total equivalent warming impact is a result of the combination of its line start permanent magnet motor and its increased seasonal performance.

Furthermore, BITZER offers a multitude of comprehensive solutions for a world of high energy consuming refrigerants and air conditioners. One way it does this is with the cost effective CRII mechanical capacity control. Built on the foundations of its predecessor, the CR, the CRII optimises capacity control. The CRII creates more stable and higher suction pressure, increasing overall efficiency as a result.

Another product in BITZER’s arsenal of climate change fighting products is the VARIPACK. This easy to operate and highly efficient frequency inverter series is designed for safe and easy capacity control. It is specially adapted to suit BITZER refrigeration compressors, but is also suitable for various HVAC integrations.  Despite current high cooling demands, the VARIPACK is extremely energy efficient – it not only reduces energy consumption but costs as well.

BITZER is continuously looking to the future when it comes to the ability to provide refrigeration solutions that are reliable over the long term. BITZER is internationally renowned for its energy efficiency, specifically at full and part load; its ability to operate economically with low GWP refrigerants; and its user friendliness.



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