The new CSH series is based on the proven design elements of the innovative BITZER compact screws, which are recognized as a benchmark around the world. They were developed with respect to universal application in air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps. Besides their known attributes, the compressors are distinguished by further improvements to energy efficiency under full- and part-load conditions. Additionally, the application limits were greatly expanded both in terms of low saturation discharge temperatures and high pressure ratios (heat pumps) – without compromising operating reliability.

The special attributes

  • Adjustment of the internal volume ratio (under full- and part-load) based on the extended range of applications
  • Reduction of internal flow losses
  • Optimisation of the oil management system
  • Additional cooling for extreme operating conditions through developed direct liquid injection or external oil cooling with actively controlled oil circulation level
  • Compact
    • Shortest installed length in its output class
    • Shut-off valves and connections within the compressor contour
  • Flexible
    • Dual capacity control: switch between 4-stage and seamless capacity control – with no compressor adaptation work
    • Suction and pressure connectors can be rotated in 90° increments
  • High efficiency profile outstandingly efficient thanks to
    • Advanced geometry
    • High rigidity
    • Patented production process for maximum precision
    • High peripheral speed
  • Double-walled, pressure-compensated rotor housing
    • Highly stable, resulting in no housing expansion even under high pressure
    • Additional muffling

BITZER website


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