Lowering costs with reliable Ammonia Compressor Packs

In March of 2014, BITZER launched their fully functional ammonia compressor pack (ACP) in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Our ACP has a various features such as a capacity range of 500 – 3,600 kW, a frequency inverter, an oil cooler and separator, and unit controller. This range of compressors use the natural R717 (ammonia) gas which is widely accepted to be the most proficient of refrigerants because of its low cost and high energy efficiency.

ACP is ideal for procedures where reliability is a stern demand, especially in industrial operations. Compared to the typical single industrial compressor, reliability is increased with the use of multiple BITZER ammonia screw compressors.  Ammonia compressor packs are also full and part load efficient.

We have continued to improve on our ammonia compressor packs. In 2015, BITZER introduced the OS.A95 compressor, which has been optimized in terms of ammonia for commercial use and large scale industrial operations.

In comparison to the OS.85 compressor model, with the OS.A95, BITZER has almost doubled the flow rate to 1.015 m³/h (at 50 Hz). What can also be seen are the HS screw compressors which have been optimized for parallel operation, with their strengths in terms of high motor efficiency, as well as efficient capacity control and economizer mode.

Keeping with its climate-neutral refrigerant, its upper limit capacity was increased to 4,500 kW and reliability was designed and enhanced for areas where maximum system security is required, such as in food production and in the chemical industry.


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