HSKB Series – Product of the week

BITZER’s semi-hermetic HS screw compressors feature a built-in suction gas-cooled motor integrated into the refrigerant circuit. For many years, they’ve proven to be a robust and efficient market solution – on their own and in parallel operation with several compressors and a shared oil separator. Because they’re compatible with a variety of refrigerants and boast a wide range of capacities and applications, these compressors are the first choice for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They’re used when larger refrigerating capacities are required, for instance in blast freezers for the food industry as well as in refrigerator and freezer distribution warehouses. HS compressors are also suitable for many other refrigeration and heat pump applications.

HSKB compressors are primarily used at the low-temperature stage of booster refrigeration systems. Thanks to their unique design, they enjoy a great deal of trust among large-scale commercial and industrial users. In conjunction with HSK compressors for the high-temperature stage, a single refrigeration system can accommodate low and medium temperature applications for a simple, compact and cost-efficient solution.

The special attributes

  • Optimised for parallel operation
    • High system output
    • Optimal capacity adjustment and minimal energy requirements under full- and part-load
    • Combination of various compressor sizes
  • Robust design
    • Large bearings
    • Large built-in motor
  • HS53 .. 74
    • High efficiency profile
    • High efficiency motor
    • Efficient capacity control
    • Economiser mode
  • HS85
    • Combination of proven HS technology with the innovative features of the CSH series
  • HS85
    • Slide control for seamless or stepped capacity control
  • HS85
    • Economiser with sliding suction position
    • Effective even under part-load
  • HS85
    • Built-in oil management system
    • Oil filter
    • Oil monitor

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