ROADSTAR – Product of the week

The BITZER ROADSTAR range consists of the extended range of 2-cylinder compressors (see KP-544) and the optimised 4- and 6-cylinder compressors 4UFC(Y) to 4GFC(Y) and 6UFC(Y) to 6NFC(Y). They were designed for special requirements in vehicle applications and have overcome the challenges of all climatic zones and the conditions of mobile applications.

The special attributes

  •  Design
    • Highly compact design
    • Low weight
    • 4- and 6-cylinder models with varying outputs, identical fixing points and identical shaft heights
  • High efficiency
    • Proven valve plate system
  • Drive via V-belt with electro- magnetic clutch. Other drive types are also available
  • Wide speed range from 500 to 3,500 rpm
  • Recognized reliability in BITZER quality
  • Improved serviceability
    • Built-in oil collection chamber
  • Optimised drive gear
    • Highly smooth running thanks to the 4- and 6-cylinder design and dynamical mass compensation
    • Low frictional losses thanks to the surface-hardened drive shaft and optimised pistons, as well as the hard-chrome-plated piston rings
    • Strengthened connecting rod geometry with large bearing surfaces

BITZER website


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