ECOLINE – Product of the week

The ECOLINE range is the creative advancement of the proven, robust and powerful semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from BITZER. It combines high efficiency, smooth running, a wide range of applications, flexibility in refrigerant selection, solid design and high reliability. The ECOLINE range is available across our full range of services. It includes the full range of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and replaces its predecessors with the same connection sizes.

The special attributes

  • New valve plate design
    • New geometric concept for pressure valves – for low rear expansion.
    • High cooling capacity with minimal energy requirements.
    • The ECOLINE cylinder head system: Flexible operation in tandem.
  • Motor
    • Efficient under full- and part-load thanks to its broadband characteristics.
    • The universal refrigeration compressor: Motor version 2 for medium and low temperature applications.
    • Motor versions 1 and 3 for special applications.
  • Capacity control
    • The CRII system – intermittent blocked suction For example, 4-cylinder compressor with CRII on both heads: Range of control from 100% to ~10%
    • ECOLINE VARISPEED – built-in frequency inverter
  • Downward compatible
    • Essential internal components completely redesigned.
    • Outer contour as standard: Every ECOLINE is downward compatible
  • Drive gear
    • New piston and connecting rod design

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