After 14 months of Problem Free running, SPAR LICHTENBURG was so impressed with their real electricity and maintenance cost savings – that they bought a second BITZER ECOSTAR!
“We now only buy BITZER” they said
This once again proves what we have always said – over the lifetime of a BITZER compressor you will save real money and the compressors will continue to pay for themselves year after year.
Where you will save:
·        Long Compressor Lifespan which saves you replacement costs
·        Plug & Play with integrated fully programmed control, wiring, piping – for easy installation and configuration on site
·        Low Maintenance Costs
·        Lower life-cycle costs for applications with fluctuating cooling demands compared to standard condensing units
·        Able to do Remote Repair which mean less Call Out costs
·        High quality design and lowest possible sound emissions allow multiple locations of installation
·        Easy access to all components for service
     Set-Up and frequency inverter operation allow lowest possible energy consumption
·        Standardized serial product with highest quality requirements
“Not only are the store owners happy, but the refrigeration team that installed the system in a very short time, are happy too” said Tony Nunes, the installer”
“We would recommend the BITZER ECOSTAR to other retailers – it is a well-developed Condensing Unit that saves on electricity and is easy to maintain remotely via pc based BITZER Electronics Service Tool.”
Your compressor is the heart of your refrigeration system and is critical to the success of your Store. You wouldn’t cut corners on your own heart – so don’t cut corners on the heart of your refrigeration system.


Not only will BITZER compressors save you money, they give you the peace of mind that you have the best quality compressors at the heart of your refrigeration system and can enjoy the benefits of German quality,  engineering & service – right here in South Africa.

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