Bitzer South Africa recently hosted delegates from Africa to the international refrigeration seminar in Sindelfingen, Germany. The delegates comprised of distributors, contractors, supermarket groups as well as food processing companies.
A total of 10 delegates attended from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
The general concensus of delegates participating in the seminar was that it was well organised and also ran like clock work.
The seminar was held at Bitzer head office and was well received by all delegates. The seminar covered a wide range of relevant topics as well as show casing Bitzer products and developments.
Of particular interest to delegates was the seminar on the development of refrigerants and the legislative developments going forward in regards to refrigerants. The developments in natural refrigerant systems were also well received.
When the delegates were asked what the biggest challenges in their local market places were, they were unanimous in stating that with a projected rise of 40% in 2016 energy costs and life cycle costs of equipment were by far the biggest challenge faced by all. Skill levels of local technical staff was also high lighted as an issue as well.
With this in mind great interest was shown in the Ecostar unit offering from Bitzer.
It was agreed by all that these units offered the correct balance of energy saving, life cycle costs and reliability. Ease of installation when installing Ecostar units was also a major plus point.
Keen interest was also shown in the new Varipak drives for reciprocating compressors.
Bitzer also showcased it’s popular range of semi hermetic compressors, screw compressors, transport compressors, pressure vessels and scroll compressors.


The seminar as a whole was a huge success with interaction by delegates from all over the world from the Americas, Europe, the middle east and the far east. The problems facing the industry would appear to be the same irrespective of country or continent. Ideas were shared, solutions were found and friendships were made, whether during the seminar or at the bar in the hotel after the seminar ended every day.

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