Training should be regarded as integral and important to the growth of any business within the HVAC&R sector and fundamental to that business’s growth.South African HVAC&R specialists will now have a selection of cost effective, high quality, international HVAC&R training courses offered in English by BITZER.

BITZER will open their state-of-the-art  HVAC&R Training Centre in 2016. This dedicated facility with its specialized equipment will enable BITZER to further enhance their training portfolio and offer world class training to international standards, and contribute to globally improving skills within the HVAC&R sector. The new building multifunctional building which will have a footprint of  approximately 1,500when completed will be based in Ergenzingen, Germany.

The BITZER Training Centre will continue to offer their two existing C02 courses, and will additionally run 4 new courses, with more to follow:

Existing courses (transferred)

  1. CO2 sub-critical
  2. CO2 trans-critical

New courses

    1. Refrigerant training
    2. Ammonia – NH3
    3. Inverter compressors
    4. Hydrocarbons – HC
    5. Others to follow

The Objectives of the BITZER Training Centre: 

  1. Presentation of latest HVAC&R innovations, products and services
  2. Practical training of customers and staff in the field of new technologies, refrigerants, regulations and laws etc.
  3. Cooperation with leading universities, academies and institutions.
  4. Improved relationships within the international HVAC&R community
  5. International HVAC&R training resource







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