New BEST Software Tool!

BITZER is proud to announce that our latest version of the BEST Software has been released (BITZER Electronics Service Tool). 
The latest version 2.4 is available for download from the BITZER homepage:

Relevant innovations in version 2.4

·       Auto update feature
·       CM-RC-01 Protection, monitoring and control device integrated
·       New for CSV
o   Compressor CSVH38-290Y added
·       New for ECOSTAR
o   Connecting via Bluetooth
o   Downloading data-logs
o   Self-test feature
o   Firmware updater integrated
o   Firmware version integrated
o   Base support for ECOSTAR network mode

Management of BEST Software updates within the IT system of BITZER Germany

A relevant innovation for our customers is the auto update function of the BEST Software. This features alerts you about new software versions and allows to do easy and fast updates of BEST.
New versions of the BEST Software will be installed automatically on all computers which have BEST installed.
In case you haven´t installed the BEST Software yet, you can do this easily via the “Software Center” on the website link above. Simply click on the start button, put in “Softwarecenter” and click on the link. 
Afterwards you can select the BEST Software out from the list and install it. The installation of BEST version 2.4 via the Software Center will be possible within the next week.
The update to version 2.4 will be installed within the next week for those who have BEST already installed.
Please contact our IT department for an earlier installation only in urgent cases.


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