The BITZER Group of companies, is the world’s largest and leading independent manufacturer of compressors for both refrigeration and air-conditioning applications, with 14 production locations all over the globe.
BITZER’s worldwide operations, has sales companies and its own production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels .
In 2014, about 3,400 employees generated sales of €657 million.
Our competitors are companies such as Emerson Climate Technologies, the GEA Group, Danfoss, and Daikin Industries.
Our reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors help preserve food, serve in building A/C’s to improve living and working conditions, provide optimum process cooling and also serve in transport applications, like truck, train and bus A/C or reefer refrigeration.
Especially under demanding climate conditions, there are a great range of benefits in using these technologies.
Additionally, BITZER also offers a broad range of services across all continents, including training courses and spare part services. For more information please visit
Good to know about the BITZER brand
The key values BITZER stands for are: German quality (produced both in Germany and other international destinations), service & dedicated customer orientation, innovative & efficient technology.
Around the world, BITZER compressors can be recognised by their green coating, which is one of our basic product trade mark features.
As our products are normally part of complete refrigeration or air-conditioning systems, the compressor, which is: “The Heart of Freshness” as our witty claim suggests, is hidden.
This is reflected by our key image message “YOU CAN’T SEE OUR PRODUCTS ANYWHERE, BUT YOU CAN FEEL THEM EVERYWHERE.”

X-ray images used in our product brochures, advertisements, or on our website, help show where our “Heart of Freshness” virtually beats in various applications.

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