During the third week of April 2015 a number of South African BITZER customers accompanied Torsten Steinborn, of BITZER South Africa, to attend two of BITZER’s CO2 Training courses, held at their training center in Rottenburg, Germany.

Both of the courses were held in English and consisted of 2 days of CO2 Sub-Critical training and 2 days to CO2 Trans-critical training (4 days in total)

Both courses were split into 50% theoretical lectures and 50% hands-on practical training.

A good time was had by all and all the course participants returned to South African with critical CO2 training, knowledge, experience and skills – that would enable them to broaden and improve their service offering.

Danie Van Zyl of Phoenix Racks discusses a finer point with Oliver Javerscheck, BITZER CO2 Project Engineer.

 From Left to Right:
Livio Calabrese (Bitzer China), Torsten Steinborn (Bitzer South Africa), Danie Van Zyl (Phoenix Racks), Oliver Javerscheck (Bitzer Germany), Greyling Wentzel (Phoenix Racks) and Klaus Korb (Proactive)

Oliver Javerscheck, BITZER CO2 Project Engineer, giving a theoretical lecture on CO2 technology.

BITZER’s Sub-critical CO2 cascade training rack that course partipants work on.

Practical training Plant Management System showing the operating conditions of the refrigeration system.

Cold Room & Freezer cabinets for practical course training for load stimulation and replicating in-store conditions.

BITZER’s Trans-critical  CO2 Training Rack that course participants work on during the practical stage of their training.


Course participants getting hands-on practical training at BITZER’s Rottenburg training centre.

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