Local language support showed the way for ECOSTAR’s success in Russia
When Evroopt, the largest retail chain in Belorussia, was looking for new condensing units, one of their most decisive requirements was a display with local language.

After the release of the ECOSTAR controller with Russian language, sales have increased rapidly in the Russian-speaking countries. In 2014 more than 150 ECOSTAR units were sold. Mainly within the supermarket sector – and typical 3-5 units for each shop. 30 units were installed at one single distribution center having 10 different temperature zones.

-Several end users have tested the ECOSTAR, but the real success was obtained with the largest retail chain in Belorussia – Evroopt – explains Igor Tereshchenko, Technical Manager BITZER CIS LLC. 

It is not only the local language in the ECOSTAR that satisfies Evroopt; also the fact that the ECOSTAR unit including the Lodam controller are very reliable. Evroopt is very impressed by the low power consumption and the precise temperatures that the ECOSTAR can maintain. With 3-5 units for each shop, the low installation time and costs are important parameters when choosing ECOSTAR units.

The Russian language is not the only language supported by the ECOSTAR. In the beginning of 2015 Korean and Chinese will be available too in order to support the continued success of the ECOSTAR in Asia.


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