By: Barney Richardson – Executive director of the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SARACCA)
Eskom’s fleet of power stations generate 42 000MW, the question though is, is this sufficient to keep up with the escalated demand for electricity in SA?
With the high use of heaters and geysers in winter, it is not hard to understand why load shedding takes place in that season. It is quite strange though that consumers are subjected to these in summer.
More and more businesses rely on air-conditioning systems to keep cool in South Africa; this has led to a high demand in electricity.
According to a Mail&Guardian article, 2014 was the hottest year recorded in history. The demands from the HVAC industry seem to be weighing heavily on Eskom. With the climate expected to rise, will Eskom be able to power back from its current state?
As the Medupi Power Station missed yet another deadline, business owners are left in the dark and pushed to look for alternative solutions in order to function efficiently; it needs to be noted that most businesses operate in office blocks that need ventilation. With this new information in hand, HVAC practitioners need to spark up innovative solutions that will usher in equipment that does not rely on electricity to function.
Through education and training sponsorship, associations like SARACCA aim to help members find solutions that will help not only their businesses, but be properly geared to deal with pressures such as the one presented by load shedding.


The advent of new technology that comes with future cities will call for new innovative thinking from HVAC practitioners; it is important that HVAC practitioners and business owners become properly acquainted with the right technology to ensure that their business activities yield the fruits they desire, even in changing times such as these.

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