New Refrigerant for 2-stage Reciprocating Compressors

New Refrigerant for 2-stage Reciprocating Compressors
Technical modification:
The BITZER 2-stage compressors have been further optimized and all models are now available for the use with refrigerant R407F and thermostatic expansion valve.
The HFC-Refrigerant R407F is already a wide spread alternative to replace R404A and R22 in MT and LT refrigeration systems. With R407F, 2-stage compressors are able to operate down to  evaporating temperatures of -65°C.
Moreover with a GWP value of 1825 only, R407F is an alternative for replacement of R404A (GWP 3922) in terms of global warming impact.

So, for all these reasons, 2–stage compressors with thermostatic expansion valves have been adapted to R407F. This optimization applies to compressors with and without subcooler and has proved successful in tests at BITZER laboratory. In addition to this technical improvement, it also leads to higher cost effectiveness and competitive advantages for our customers.

Product description :
The optimization of the thermostatic expansion valve has been implemented in the whole 2-stage semi-hermetic compressor series and is now available for the following compressor models:
S4T – 5.2
S4N – 8.2
  S4G – 12.2
  S6J – 16.2
  S6H – 20.2
  S6G – 25.2
  S6F – 30.2
Based on the good experiences with Ester oil in R407F applications, the compressors are charged with oil BSE32.
Application Limits for R407F :
The applications limits for the product series are defined below :
Performance selection is possible with BITZER Software 6.4.3.
Performance selections for alternative refrigerants can also be provided on demand.

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