We can’t all be experts in every field. Here Rudy van Driel, Cape Town Branch Manager for Bitzer South Africa, lists 10 critical check-points to follow during installation.
  1. Ensure that the equipment selected is suitable or the application
  2. Check that the installer you are using is qualified to do the job
  3. Purge dry nitrogen through the pipes when welding.
  4. Pull a decent vacuum before charging.
  5. Make sure all pipe-work is properly secured at regular intervals.
  6. Check that there is sufficient ventilation for the condenser.
  7. Make sure that the refrigerant charge is correct (under and over charging will affect system efficiency)
  8. Check oil level and monitor after compressor has run for a while.
  9. Check compressor running amps and adjust overloads accordingly.
  10. Check and adjust the super-heat if necessary.




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