The new BITZER Software 6.43 is now available online and for download on our web site.

The most important innovations are:
• R448A / R449A for ECOLINE and HSK / HSN
• R450A / R513A for ECOLINE
• General hints for R448A / R449A / R450A / R513A
• Additional information: EU F-Gas Regulation
R448A / R449A for ECOLINE and HSK / HSN
With this software package the design of refrigerant systems with semi-hermetic piston compressors of the ECOLINE-series or semihermetic screw compressors of the HSK/HSNseries is now possible with new refrigerants: R448A (N-40) and R449A (XP40). These HFO/HFC blends can be used as a substitute for R404A and R507A which will be forbidden for most applications within the EU from 2020 according to the F-Gas Regulation. Measured in COequivalent the substitutes have about a third of the global warming potential (GWP = 1390) compared with R404A/R507A (GWP approx. 3950).
When using the new refrigerants in existing systems, the temperature glide of 5 to 6 K must be considered. This has an impact on performance
(temperature difference) of the evaporator and condenser in the first place. The volumetric cooling capacity of R448A and R449A is in a medium temperature application similar to R404A and R507A, in a low temperature application, however,
somewhat lower. For an actual comparison the operating conditions can be entered in the software where the usable and unusable overheating and liquid subcooling should be considered.
R450A / R513A for ECOLINE
With the present software-update the design of systems with R450A (N-13) or R513A (XP10) and ECOLINE compressors is immediately possible. The refrigerants R450A and R513A can be used due to the F-Gas Regulation as a “low-GWP” alternative for R134a. Their GWP is about 600 and therefore a lot lower than the value of R134a (GWP 1430). R513A is an azeotrope, R450A an zeotrope, but with a very low temperature glide of 0.4 K. This means that both refrigerant blends can be treated in practice as R134a. In a medium temperature application it is demonstrated by comparing that the volumetric cooling capacity of R513A is slightly higher than that of R134a and R450A is slightly lower. The discharge temperature of the refrigerant substitutes at medium temperature is about 6 to 7 K below that of R134a.
General hints for R448A / R449A / R450A / R513A
The presented new refrigerant blends have partly a significant temperature glide. Depending on the system other evaporating and condensing temperatures can be possible as for example with R404A or R507A. In systems with BITZER compressors and one of the new refrigerants, polyol-ester (POE) must be used. It is recommended after 6 months to take anoil sample to test the acidity of the POE. The four substitutes are non-flammable and therefore classified in safety group A1. When
changing a system to one of these refrigerants no risk assessment, according to the ATEX directive, is therefore necessary.
Additional information: EU F-Gas Regulation
On 01 January 2015, the EU F-Gas Regulation no. 517/2014 is entered into force in Europe. The regulation includes a stepped reduction (“phasedown”) of the consumption of fluorinated greenhouse gases, the so-called F-gases by 79% the year 2030. This means a reduction of the current average GWP of about 2200 – 2300 to less than 500 in the year 2030. In order to achieve the goals of the prescribed phase-down BITZER already today offers products for use with new


HFO / HFC blends with low GWP as well as products for CO, NHand  hydrocarbons.

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