Specialist’s in refrigeration and air conditioning technology since 1934: BITZER can draw on decades of experience and is now one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of refrigeration compressors. We prioritize quality across the board without compromising. Whether pressure vessels, reciprocating, scroll or screw compressors, our products always fulfil the highest requirements at competitive prices. We always focus on customer benefits and are setting benchmarks in customer service, delivery reliability and innovations – all the while never forgetting that quality is our recipe for success. We therefore place the most stringent demands on our production processes and the entire value creation chain, as customers all over the world literally depend on the reliability of BITZER.
This is further guaranteed by the BITZER production system (BIPROS), which ensures that tried-and-tested, standardized processes are not only observed, but also continuously optimized. Customer satisfaction and quality are just two of the key criteria we focus on and we implement them too. In fact, before our ROADSTAR went into series production, we comprehensively tested 700 compressors in all climate zones – 96 million kilometres without a single instance of severe compressor damage.
Top Service Is a Key Aspect of BITZER Quality
Our global service network, Green Point, guarantees the same BITZER quality in service, maintenance and training all over the world, which is why we’re consistently expanding it. We train our customers in the use of all BITZER compressors and pressure vessels at the Green Point locations. We’ve also optimized customer services and allocated them to seven regions, so all questions can be promptly answered whilst taking the regional conditions into account.
“Made by BITZER”
With an extensive portfolio, we have high-quality solutions for all areas of application. “Made by BITZER” represents top quality standards in refrigeration compressors and pressure vessels on all continents. Our products are the most convincing proof of our quality: eleven of the ECOLINE series models have received the internationally coveted ASERCOM certification and are considered to be a benchmark in the industry, particularly in terms of energy efficiency. The latest system technology in a modern environment is another aspect of our quality. We have more than 40 subsidiaries, all of which ensure optimal compressor adjustment to any climate conditions as well as customer-oriented services. A global presence with local roots – that’s why we consistently invest in our long-standing locations in Germany and abroad.

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