Powerful under all operating conditions
• Lower operating costs: the ECOLINE VARISPEED
• Efficient under full and part-load: ORBIT scroll compressors
• Compact and powerful: the ECOSTAR
ECOLINE VARISPEED – Infinitely adjustable cooling capacity 
ECOLINE VARISPEED reciprocating compressors offer high cooling capacity and reliability, as well as excellent energy efficiency. With their internal frequency inverters, the speed control can be infinitely adjusted to suit the operating conditions perfectly. This minimises suction pressure fluctuations and cycling rates, which in turn reduces operating costs. The ECOLINE VARISPEED does not require regular maintenance or a fan as the suction-gas-cooled operating elements ensure that the temperature of the electrical components remains optimal.
Efficient: ORBIT scroll compressors
Efficient, reliable and best suited to air-conditioning systems and heat pumps – this is the series of ORBIT scroll compressors from BITZER. They offer a high isentropic efficiency and are highly energy-efficient under both full and part-load. ORBIT compressors are available in two case sizes, the ORBIT 6 and ORBIT 8. The displacement of the ORBIT scroll compressors ranges from 20 to 77 m3 per hour (50 Hertz). Other advantages of the ORBIT series are their low sound levels, wide range of applications and the innovative oil management system BAHT. The patent-pending BITZER Advanced Header Technology (BAHT) is designed for scroll compressor tandems and trios and makes it easier to combine even or uneven compressor sizes in a parallel circuit in air-conditioning and heat-pump systems. The newly developed suction gas header with integrated oil distribution plays a key role in this improvement, directing oil to one of the compressors in the tandem and trio units – and from there distributing it among the other compressors.
Compact performance – the ECOSTAR
The ECOSTAR is one of the highlights of the India Cold Chain Show. The compact, air-cooled condensing unit is distinctively energy-efficient and compatible with a wide range of applications. The cooling capacity of the BITZER ECOSTAR can be adjusted to best suit the actual requirements thanks to the speed control of the compressor and condenser fan. Precise temperature control increases the efficiency of the refrigeration system and reduces operating costs. The internal control enables quick and easy installation of the condensing unit.

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