The 18th BITZER Refrigerant Report.

BITZER has released their up to date and informative report on the new EU F-Gas Regulation
BITZER released the latest edition of their annual Refrigerant Report at Chillventa 2014.
The 18th edition of the report is available as a free download to all HVAC&R interested parties.
The report focuses on new developments and possible applications of refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) – for example HFO and HFO/HFC blends.
Together with the extended use of natural refrigerants, these so-called Low-GWP refrigerants are two of the most important development trends in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.
BITZER has highlighted chapters containing important changes and additions in the table of contents on page 2 of the report.
The brochure on the new EU F-Gas Regulation No. 517/2014 has also been revised.
Especially useful is a detailed description of refrigerants with low GWP that can be viewed as viable alternatives to more conventional fluids.
The report also presents some concrete options for the use of future refrigerants.

The brochure can be downloaded on the link below.




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